Thursday, February 27, 2020

Google Company - People Management practices Research Paper

Google Company - People Management practices - Research Paper Example It mainly specializes in the internet engine and allied advertising services. It primarily operates in the U.S, U.K and other countries in the global scene. It is based in California and employs over 20, 000 people. The company is not only known for its innovation and prowess in technology but also for its special HR practices and culture. Its HR practice is known as ‘People Operation’ and it is based on value of the employee relationship and respect. This keeps the employees highly motivated and improves their efficiency and productivity. Approach to Employee Rewards and Motivation In the company’s workplace, employees are considered to be the most important asset. This is owing to the fact that employees perform basic tasks in the organization that are aimed at achieving the company’s goals and objectives. It is important for employees to perform their duties in a positive environment that motivates them to maintain an optimistic attitude that improves th eir productivity. Google takes employee rewards and motivation seriously and has established motivation and rewards practices. In addition to the competent hiring process, Google employs compensation practices to gain a competitive advantage over its rivals. Google’s reward and compensation system is pay for performance based (Great Place to work, 2009). This means that the employees are motivated to deliver quality output so as to get a higher pay. Additionally, the company’s stock option organization ensures that employees get rewarded for the company’s equity linked growth. It was surprising that all the workers requested for a wage reduction in the year 2005 to 2006. These benefits and rewards help the company to recruit employees and motivate them towards achieving the goals and objectives. The employees take part in a wide range of extra curricula activities such as cycling, wine tasting and travelling which keeps them highly motivated and have the desired to work in the company throughout their lives. The company was ranked as the best workplace in the U.S by Fortune magazine in 2009 (Datamonitor, 2009). The company’s goal is to provide rewards and do away with all the obstacles that get in the way of their duties and responsibilities. Some of the rewards include top class dining facilities, laundry rooms, gyms, massage rooms, carwashes, dry cleaning and commuting services. The company believes in the provision of intrinsic and extrinsic rewards owing to the fact that employees are not motivated by monetary incentives alone. This explains the reason why the company has established a culture that highly rewards and motivates employees. One of the best ways of maintaining the company’s culture is by maintaining rewards. Together with its compensation and conventional extrinsic benefits including health and dental benefits, vacation packages, insurance, tuition reimbursement and flex spending accounts, the company also ha s unique benefits. These include an eighteen weeks maternity period at full pay. Additionally, parents get extra benefits during this period that make things easier. They are provided with an allowance to cater for the meals of the newborn and a back- up childcare plan. The company also contributes towards the legal expenses associated with child adoption. These are just some of the extrinsic rewards offered at Google. However, it is clear to note that people who work at the company are motivated by other reasons besides the rewards. They enjoy the freedom and

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