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Comparative Analysis of the Lesson and Barn Burning Essay

The overwhelming poverty that Sylvia (Toni Cade Bambara, The Lesson p.543) and Abner (William Faulkner, Barn Burning p.250) experience dooms them both to a life of self-destruction. Though from different worlds, Sylvia and Abner both experience hate, confusion, and anger because of their lowly positions in life. Instead of trying to better themselves, they choose to vent their dissatisfactions on others, and ignore the cause of the discriminations they face. Sylvia and Abner have both experienced a life full of hardships. Abner has a history of commiting crimes for a living, such as the time he spent stealing horses during the civil war. Though from a completely different time frame and setting, Sylvia has also spent her life†¦show more content†¦Though Sylvia and Abner both detest the upper classes weath and superfluosness, they are still jealous that they cannot have that weath and ease of life. With this conflict come feelings that life is unfair and unjust. They hate what they cannot attain, yet still want it. This leads both Sylvia and Abner to destructive behavior. Being an adult, Abner is both more aware of what he feels to be an undeserved disparency between classes, and more direct in expressing his anger about it. Abner steals, burns the barns of his employers, and ruins their possessions. He is also considerably more violent, seeing nothing wrong with hitting his son across the face to teach him a lesson. Sylvias anger is much more subtle. She is still young, and has not endured all of the suffering that Abner has. Her hate is less tangible, her anger directionless. She is confused by the injustices she sees, and does not know how to express it. Sylvia fights to keep from developing the clear cut ideas Abner has about class, and instead expresses her anger in any direction. Miss Moore receives a fair amount of this, coming to be scorned by Sylvia because she is educated. Sugar also feels Syl vias anger, when Sylvia stand...[s] on her foot so she [wont] continue to talk to Miss Moore aboutShow MoreRelatedMarketing Mistakes and Successes175322 Words   |  702 Pagesfollowing classification of cases by subject matter to be helpful. I thank those of you who made this and other suggestions. Classification of Cases by Major Marketing Topics Topics Most Relevant Cases Marketing Research and Consumer Analysis Coca-Cola, Disney, McDonald’s, Google, Starbucks Product Starbucks, Nike, Coke/Pepsi, McDonald’s, Maytag, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Newell Rubbermaid, DaimlerChrysler, Kmart/Sears, Harley-Davidson, Boeing/Airbus, Merck, Boston Beer, Firestone/FordRead MoreProject Mgmt296381 Words   |  1186 PagesLeadership Chapter 2 Organization Strategy and Project Selection 1.4 Projects and programs (.2) 1.4.1 Managing the portfolio 1.4.3 Strategy and projects 2.3 Stakeholders and review boards 12.1 RFP’s and vendor selection (.3.4.5) SWAT analysis Schedule compression Leadership skills G.1 Project leadership 10.1 Stakeholder management Chapter 11 Teams Chapter 3 Organization: Structure and Culture 2.4.1 Organization cultures [G.7] 2.4.2 Organization structureRead MoreMarketing and Financial Markets41809 Words   |  168 PagesMarketing Strategies 30 Part 2: environmental Forces and Social and ethical responsibilities 61 3. the Marketing environment 62 4. Social Responsibility and ethics in Marketing 92  © Part 3: Using information, Technology, and Target Market Analysis 127 5. Marketing Research and information Systems 128 6. target Markets: Segmentation, evaluation, and Positioning 158 Part 4: Customer Behavior 191 7. Consumer Buying Behavior 192 8. Business Markets and Buying Behavior 222 9. Reaching GlobalRead MoreIgbo Dictionary129408 Words   |  518 Pagescame to the conclusion that translation work was held back by the problem of dialects, and that more must be learnt before a firm policy could be evolved. To this end, in the late 1870s he ordered the missionaries at Onitsha to begin work on a comparative dictionary of Igbo dialects. This ambitious enterprise was not carried out, mainly because of lack of able researchers, but such material as did become available, Crowther put together to form a dictionary.... In 1904 Ganot published an EnglishRead MoreDeveloping Management Skills404131 Words   |  1617 PagesLine 58 Understanding and Appreciating Individual Differences Important Areas of Self-Awareness 61 Emotional Intelligence 62 Values 65 Ethical Decision Making and Values 72 Cognitive Style 74 Attitudes Toward Change 76 Core Self-Evaluation 79 SKILL ANALYSIS 84 Cases Involving Self-Awareness 84 Communist Prison Camp 84 Computerized Exam 85 Decision Dilemmas 86 SKILL PRACTICE 89 Exercises for Improving Self-Awareness Through Self-Disclosure 89 Through the Looking Glass 89 Diagnosing Managerial Characteristics

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